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  • Mad Mimi Launches Etsy Integration


    With Mad Mimi, it’s now easier than ever to unite e-commerce and email. Etsy, a large global marketplace focused on handmade and vintage goods has created a thriving community of creative sellers and buyers.

    Utilizing email newsletters can bridge the gap between seller and buyer so here are four tips to help increase your Etsy sales via email integration:

    1. Alert Etsy Customers To New Items

    Announcing new products via your newsletter creates an incentive for potential customers to subscribe to your email list. When you also utilize Mad Mimi’s social share tools for Facebookand Twitter, you can even share specific collections with the public, simultaneously growing your email subscribers and social followers at the same time.

    2. Tell The Story Behind Your Products

    Email offers the platform to share a great story. When customers understand your inspiration as a seller, they feel connected to your items in a way short product blurbs could never achieve. Use your newsletter to expand the story behind your special offers and products. A great story not only increases sales, but helps increase your customer base through word of mouth sharing between friends.

    3. Launch To Loyal Customers

    Use your emails to cultivate and reward your loyal customer base. The dedicated communication channel is a great way to release new products and offer email only discounts. Customers will subscribe to discover what’s new and click through to your shop more frequently as a result.

    4. Extend Your Etsy Storefront

    Think of your email newsletter like your Fifth Avenue window display. Surround your products with the creative flourish you might not have space for in your Etsy shop. The strong design focus helps increase brand awareness and lends itself to a greater marketing presence on other social platforms as well.

    How To Get Started:

    A Simple sync of your Etsy store and your Mad Mimi account gives instant access to made-for-email product listings–thanks for the sample products, Baird Designs 🙂

    Just drag and drop to spread the word!

    After you enable the Add On and link your Etsy shop, a products tab will appear in your Mad Mimi composer. Drag any product into an image/text, or image-only module for email display. Simple!

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