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  • For Impact, Social Media Loses Out To Email Marketing

    All of the Facebook IPO news this week has kicked up the conversation about the real value of social media marketing again–I bet you heard, GM pulled millions in paid advertisements from Facebook. So, with all of the questions about what digital marketing strategies are actually effective, where does that leave email?

    Still at the TOP!

    I know I’m biased 🙂 but it’s clear that email is a unique communication channel that isn’t going away anytime soon. As Ramon Ray and put it recently (via

    Social media is, admittedly, big and unmistakably important. Yet, email marketing still trumps and remains a popular way for marketing businesses. If the results of a poll conducted by IPSOS are anything to go by, email still reigns supreme. In over 24 countries, 85% of Internet users still use the Internet primarily for checking their email.

    Emails have a gift for building relationships. This is true with friends, family and also your customers. Back to Mr. Ray:

    your subscribers give you undivided attention when reading your email when compared to what they do on their Facebook Fan Page. Email marketing is an effective brand-building tool simply because subscribers get your emails regularly – that means that your business or brand name is on the top of their minds at all times.

    You can afford to take a subtle approach with your email content. Which has value all by itself!  No need to shout when your readers are focused exclusively on what you have to say. This means you can take your time to grow the relationship. It also opens up options for the styles of content in your emails too.

    So, don’t toss out your other marketing efforts, use email to integrate your social media efforts. Frank Reed at Marketing Pilgrim thinks that integration and mature email strategies might be the key to email marketing’s strength:

    That maturity shows itself in more direct campaigns with very specific goals that go to only the right people for the right reasons. In the process it can promote all the other marketing activities (blogs, social and more) that a company is engaged in to reach their target market where they are rather than where the marketer thinks they should be.

    An argument for following email best practices as well 🙂 Proper list management can actually give your social media campaigns greater impact.

    Keep the power of the medium in mind as you compose your next promotion and remember your lovely readers!


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