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    If you find yourself recommending Mad Mimi as your go-to email marketing solution, we’d love to say thank you! Please consider joining our affiliate program. As a Mad Mimi affiliate, you can earn a few extra bucks whenever someone clicks your affiliate link and signs up.

    Here’s how the Mad Mimi affiliate program works:

    • You get a unique affiliate URL. We can only track your commissions accurately if this URL is used.
    • When people sign up for Mad Mimi using your affiliate link, you earn 25% of what they spend on email marketing.
    • We send you a monthly check. Click here to read the terms.

    If you’re already recommending Mad Mimi, here are a few proven ways to maximize your efforts:

    Use Your Affiliate URL

    Always remember to use your unique affiliate URL, and be sure to acknowledge that it’s an affiliate link. Boris Mahovac, a Toronto-based email marketing consultant, has a brilliant tip about affiliate URLs!

    Mahovac bought a custom domain ( that he redirects to his Mad Mimi affiliate URL. He uses it during live seminars and phone calls—situations where it’s impractical to share a long URL such as

    Share Your Own Experience

    Testimonials are powerful. Tell folks that you personally use Mad Mimi and find our service delightful! From the beginning, Mad Mimi has grown almost exclusively through of word-of-mouth recommendations. And we love you for it!

    Use Your Blog

    Write some relevant blog posts and promote them on social media. For example, write an article called “5 Must-Have Tools for Small-Business Owners” and include Mad Mimi. Or, if you’ve tried a few different email marketing tools, whip up a review called “Mad Mimi vs. _____.”

    Boris Mahovac reports that his email marketing blog is a great place to use his Mad Mimi affiliate link. “Whenever Mad Mimi announces a new feature, I try to write an article about it,” he says. “I also write articles that compare popular email service providers, which seem to attract a fair amount of search engine traffic.”

    Write Personal Invitations

    Use your regular (non-Mimi) email account to send personal invitations to friends who may have a genuine interest in email marketing. Because we want to keep Mad Mimi classy and spam-free, we don’t allow our affiliates to put their links in Mad Mimi emails.

    Grab Our Badge

    Add Mimi’s smiling face to your website with one of our affiliate program badges.


    Let us show you our gratitude for your Mad Mimi recommendations! Click here to learn how to sign up. If you’re not already a Mad Mimi user, you’ll need to create a Mad Mimi account before you can join the affiliate program.


    Thanks to Boris Mahovac for providing some of these great tips! Boris helps small businesses, solo professionals, and non-profit organizations create, write, and send effective email marketing campaigns, such as e-newsletters (ezines), e-flyers, and auto-responders (automated, sequential email messages).

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