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  • Mad Mimi Fights Back Against DDoS Attack

    Update on Sunday May 4 at 9:30pm: We got attacked again. I’ve put up a new post here about it.

    Update on Monday 31 at 5pm: We’ve seen some intermittent issues today, partially due to security upgrades and our network provider GNAX went down earlier. We’re waiting to learn more. The team is on high alert and ready to address any further attacks.

    On Sunday March 30, Mad Mimi was hit with a DDoS attack by criminals attempting to extort money from us. This follows a trend of tech companies being targeted that includes Basecamp and Meetup.

    A DDoS attack targets our network, essentially severing the link between our servers and the internet. Your data is safe but during the attack, it’s inaccessible. To take a great analogy from Basecamp, “This is like a bunch of people blocking the front door and not letting you into your house. The contents of your house are safe — you just can’t get in until they get out of the way.”

    On Sunday evening, our Rylan noticed an attack on our network. While we were looking into it, we received an ominous email demanding money in order to mitigate the attack:


    Shortly after this, Mad Mimi, along with our upstream provider, GNAX, were able to take defensive steps to get Mad Mimi back up. Once that happened, we received a second threat:


    This isn’t just an attack on Mad Mimi, the company. It’s an attack on you – our amazing customers who rely on email newsletters to put food on the table, share uplifting content and take part in the online community. We’re taking this extremely seriously and are going to not only react but be proactive too. We’re contacting law enforcement and currently enacting solutions.

    Blackmail and extortion don’t stop with acquiescence – it only encourages further attacks. As such, we’ve decided to not play along. By drawing a line, along with others like Meetup and Basecamp who’ve each faced this recently, we’re taking a stand against internet thieves and their attempts to subvert something vital to all of our livelihoods.

    We won’t take this lying down and we won’t negotiate with criminals. Thank you for your support and patience.



    3 thoughts on “Mad Mimi Fights Back Against DDoS Attack

    1. Tyron

      Miami should send their local serial after these guys … #dexter :P

    2. Tyron

      I meant .. serial killer…. duh me

    3. Never pay Danegeld (or, Millions for defense, but not one penny for tribute)

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