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  • GoDaddy Acquires Mad Mimi

    Yes, that’s right — Mad Mimi is joining GoDaddy. GoDaddy is 100% dedicated to supporting small business, and that’s our mission too. Simply put, we’re a good fit. But I’m sure you have lots of questions. Well, we have lots of answers!

    What will change for Mad Mimi customers?

    You’ll still see the same Mimi you love and are used to. You’ll still see the same Mimi platform you’re used to, and we’ll continue to listen to your feedback and grow in new ways. GoDaddy appreciates the delightfulness of Mad Mimi, and we appreciate how many more small businesses we’ll be able to help through merging with GoDaddy. We’re absolutely committed to providing the same awesome experience, same great support, for years to come.

    Will the support I get stay the same? Will I still be talking to the same people?

    Absolutely! Everyone at Mad Mimi is sticking around and will be offering the same level of support you’re used to. We Meeps love the people who use Mad Mimi, and we’re not going anywhere!

    Will I go to GoDaddy or still come to you with support questions?

    Reach out to us! We’ll still be handling all support questions here through the same super-fast email responses and live chat. Plus, we’re happy to schedule calls whenever needed.

    Does this mean you’ll have phone support now?

    We take customer support seriously ’round here (you’ve probably noticed). GoDaddy has impressive phone support skills, and we fully intend to learn from them and gain new ways to make you happy. We’re going to be working on building up and training a phone support team in 2015 (possibly before), but for now, our core team is going to stick with email and chat. We’ll still be as responsive as ever!

    I connected with Mad Mimi originally because it’s a startup like my business. I’m not really sure I’ll be able to relate to GoDaddy.

    We’re still the same startup you connected with in the beginning. Sure, we’ll grow, but the original team behind the magic of Mad Mimi is still going to be making that magic — and possibly even across the broader spectrum of GoDaddy. GoDaddy was a startup itself (started out of a garage), and it’s a culture and ethos they seek to maintain internally. Mad Mimi will be able to stay flexible, and we’ll still be making improvements based on customer feedback. We’ll never stop listening!

    Will this mean prices are going to go up?

    We’re not planning on changing our pricing structure at Mad Mimi. We went our first 5 years without making any changes in our prices. When we did change our pricing, it was only after a lot of consideration and research to make sure our prices were competitive and fair. While we can’t say our prices will never change, it’s not part of our plan in becoming a part of GoDaddy, and we won’t make any changes without being just as careful and informed as in the past.

    Will I be able to expect new features now that Mimi is under GoDaddy?

    Absolutely! This opens up a lot of doors for new features and integrations that will be useful to a lot of our users. Stay tuned for updates in our newsletter and blog, and we’ll make sure you’re kept up to date. We’ll still tread carefully, learn from past feature releases, and listen to what our Mad Mimi customers want.

    Will Mad Mimi continue to be called Mad Mimi?

    For now, yes. Eventually, though, we’ll be fully integrated as a part of GoDaddy and will be under their name.

    Why did you make this change?

    A lot of thought went into this decision. In the end, it’s simply because it’s a fantastic opportunity, not only for us, but for what we can offer to our users as a result.

    Do I need a GoDaddy account now?

    You don’t. We’re going to be exploring authorization options carefully over the next year or so, but you should be able to use your Mad Mimi credentials for Mad Mimi indefinitely.

    Will I have to use other GoDaddy tools to continue to use Mad Mimi?

    Most of GoDaddy’s services function like standalone products, so you’ll be able to carry on using Mad Mimi in the same way you always have, without any gotchas.

    What’s GoDaddy about?

    GoDaddy has undergone a lot of changes in the last three years including new ownership and pretty much an entirely new leadership and direction. GoDaddy is 100% focused on awesome products to help people and small businesses grow, and that’s something we totally relate to!

    GoDaddy has had a lot of sexist advertising, and I can’t get on board with a company that thinks that way.

    GoDaddy has gone through a lot of changes in their leadership and overall attitude. This has meant changes in their advertising strategy, as well as a focus on empowering women in technology. If you’d like to read up on what this looks like, here are some articles from GoDaddy, an interview with GoDaddy’s CTO Elissa Murphy, as well as a Reddit AMA with Blake Irving, the current CEO of GoDaddy where he addresses the issue:

    GoDaddy Partners With Anita Borg Institute To Empower Women Technologists

    GoDaddy Supports Women’s Leadership Movement

    10 Questions: Elissa Murphy, chief technology officer, GoDaddy (Fortune)

    Blake Irving on reddit

    Animal rights are very important to me. I can’t work with a company whose CEO would shoot an elephant.

    Animal rights is a very important issue, and I want to start out by saying that we’re on the same page with you here. In fact, we’ve given free Mad Mimi accounts to several animal rescues and shelters because it’s something we believe in.

    Bob Parsons is the founder of GoDaddy, but he is no longer the CEO. GoDaddy is under new leadership, and we’ve been able to see that they believe strongly in animal rights as well. The new CEO, Blake Irving, said, “The only thing I point at an elephant, is a camera.”

    Our Gary and Dean are both lifelong vegetarians who grew up in rural South Africa and experienced life amongst elephants and other majestic African wildlife. We have an innate respect for wildlife and a passion for conservation, especially in Africa.

    GoDaddy supported SOPA in the past. I can’t work with a company that gets behind invasive legislation like that.

    GoDaddy has made some big changes and (along with Mad Mimi) supports privacy and an open and free internet. GoDaddy’s CEO Blake Irving addressed this exact issue in a Reddit AMA once, and you might be interested to read his response here.

    Is this a buyout or is Mad Mimi merging with GoDaddy?

    GoDaddy is acquiring Mad Mimi. We’re not disclosing the sum, though.


    Mad Mimi is now 100% owned by GoDaddy and managed on a day-to-day basis by Gary (founder) and Dean (head of culture). GoDaddy acquired Mad Mimi because they recognize the excellence of our product and company. That’s not to say that there won’t be any long-term changes, but the overall feeling among our team and the business folk is that the most important thing about the deal is that Mad Mimi keeps on making people delighted. That’s what we plan to do.

    70 thoughts on “GoDaddy Acquires Mad Mimi

    1. What a sad day. First they gobble up Media Temple, and now this.

      I don’t really care what this FAQ says about Bob Parsons, their sexist advertising, and SOPA – I don’t think I’ll ever get over GoDaddy’s horrendous track record.

      Guess I’ll be taking another look at MailChimp. :(

      • Chris

        I also dislike Godaddy’s sexist advertising which I consider offensive and totally unnecessary.

        • Hi, Chris! GoDaddy has abandoned that strategy entirely. (And Mimi isn’t into sexist advertising either.) GoDaddy is totally focused on helping small businesses, and you will definitely see that reflected in all advertising moving forward.

        • Laura

          I have to second Mad Mimi’s comment. I work at GoDaddy and also joined through an acquisition. As a feminist myself, it’s been great to see the change in our ads and to be a part of that change. It’s very different than what it was before and I’m proud of how far it has come.

        • That’s great to hear, Laura!

      • Hey, Andrew! GoDaddy has really changed. And they acquired Mad Mimi because they love our focus on customer support and helping small businesses. We really hope you’ll stick around and give us a chance to show you that Mimi will continue to have the same great product and show the same strong character. :-) Please email us with any specific questions or concerns.

        • If GoDaddy really had changed, they should have changed their name. They had an opportunity to do this when they acquired Media Temple, and I think it was a big strategic blunder. Their name will be forever tainted to me, as all I remember is disgusting Super Bowl ads of girls washing cars (apparently, that was effective branding… too effective).

          Also, their incessant upselling, and taking advantage of customers who didn’t know any better, was disgusting. I realize they don’t do that anymore (at least, not to the same degree), but that’s left a very sour taste in my mouth as well.

          It’s obvious you’re going to be in damage control mode for awhile – at least your FAQ tried to address some of these issues (which they didn’t do at the start with the Media Temple buyout.).

          Nevertheless: UGH.

        • Sorry you’re disappointed, Andrew. Mimi has lots of feminists on staff, and we are confident in GoDaddy’s new direction. The new leadership has a vision we can totally get behind.

          You’re entitled to your “UGH.” And we still love you.

      • Will

        I don’t think mail chimp will warrant much success…

      • Matt

        I just switched from Mail Chimp to Mad Mimi this is after their merger. Mad Mimi’s customer service is AWSOME PERIOD!!!
        After I was so blown away by their customer service I decided to research a little further and have only gained more respect for how they run their business.

        • Thanks, Matt! We will keep working hard to keep you happy. :-)

    2. So I just came back to this page to follow the links you had in the FAQ questions about GoDaddy’s sexist past, Bob Parsons, SOPA, etc…(since I’m trying to be open-minded), but I see you’ve already removed those questions/answers. Damage control mode, indeed.

      I feel badly being such a negative commenter (I’m really a nice guy, not a troll, I swear!), but I feel like I just had the rug ripped out from under me.

      • Hi, Andrew. Sorry about that. The rug is back, and better than ever. We just had to take it out for a quick shake. :-)

        We really appreciate that you’re trying to be open-minded. We don’t think you’re a troll. It’s entirely acceptable to be an engaged, concerned consumer.

        • I see that those particular FAQs are back. Thanks.

    3. This is fabulous news! As a GoDaddy employee myself, I am super excited!

    4. Agree 100% with Andrew Wilder — I too feel feel like I just had the rug ripped out from under me.

      So utterly disappointed. My clients have already contacted me — those who went with MadMimi because of my recommendation — and how do I respond honestly when I’m completely and utterly shocked and disappointed that MadMimi would sell out / join GoDaddy.

      Perhaps I need to sleep on this news and revisit it tomorrow.

      • Hi, Yael. We get that this is probably shocking news for a lot of our users. But please do sleep on it and give us a chance to show you that Mimi will still be the same great people (all of us are staying on board), the same great product, and the same great customer support. :-)

        GoDaddy approached us because they love what we’re doing, and they love how customer-centric we are. GoDaddy has definitely changed directions recently, and we like where the company is headed. We’d be happy to answer any specific questions you have!

    5. We will stay with Madmimi for the long run! We appreciate the product and the service and have for many years.

      I can imagine that by servicing small businesses you will start to look at new marketing opportunities for companies that use Madmimi to service your clients, and I look forward to being part of that conversation.

      Thank you for the clear FAQ — I look forward to seeing how this all plays out! It’s clear that some service providers are looking to beef up their “out of the box” services with professional products like Madmimi. I think that’s terrific because that makes many more become aware of the service and take email marketing more seriously and that may lead to more opportunities to develop other parts of their service, such as our work with Formstack.

      Congratulations team!

      • Thanks so much, Alex! We’re really grateful for dedicated, long-term customers like you. We’ll keep working hard to make sure you continue to love working with Mad Mimi. Cheers!

    6. I am so sorry to hear this. I hate GoDaddy with the hate of a thousand suns, not only because of their porny-marketing, but because their CEO is famously a big game safari trophy hunter. Disgusting. This is really, really a huge shame. Horrible. I can’t even believe this.

      Very, very, very disappointed.

      • Hi, Holly. I hear you. Rest assured that we never would have considered joining forces with GoDaddy if we weren’t totally on board with the direction the company is headed. The new CEO is incredible, and the new advertising strategy is entirely focused on small businesses (just like we are).

        We really hope you’ll give us a chance to show you that we’re still the same Mad Mimi.

    7. Does Bob Parsons still own any part of GoDaddy, or receive any money or other compensation from the company?

      • (Because at this point, he’s really the only significant issue I have with GoDaddy.)

        • It’s true that Bob is the founder, and is still one of several owners of the company. However, the company is run by CEO Blake Irving and his management team. You can see the current management team here.

    8. tim hebert

      GoDaddy’s a lot like Blockbuster. They were so bad (in my opinion) for so long, that regardless of whatever new leaf they’ve recently turned over they’ll have to wait several years before I consider them actually different. This is a karmic load they’ll have to bear w/me and a lot of others.

      • Hey Tim, I totally understand why it might take some time for ya. I really do believe that GoDaddy is making awesome strides, and we’re happy to be on board because it means we can keep up our work in supporting small businesses with an awesome team. If you’re curious about Blake Irving (the new CEO) and his vision for the future, he did a really informative and fun AMA on Reddit where he makes some really good points: And of course, if there’s anything at all I can do to help that karma, shoot me an email at :)

    9. Pete

      Are the founder of Mad Mini really staying on indefinitely or is it just a set contract length of time, during the transition period.

      I find it hard to believe that after running their own company for 6 year and then receiving what I would assume is a substantial buyout, that they’d be happy become just another employee of someone else’s company.

      • Hey Pete,

        Dean here – one of the founders. Gary and I are indeed staying on indefinitely. There’s no transition period defined.

        Thing is, I do what I do because I’m proud of working with the amazing Mad Mimi community. Cheesy to say out loud but 100% honest. Without you guys, I wouldn’t know what to do :)

        I’m going to do everything I can to make sure every day Mad Mimi grows in a positive way. And while I might not be happy being just another employee of someone else’s company, it doesn’t feel that way with GoDaddy – I feel like I’m gaining a larger team and that Mad Mimi is still my baby!


    10. Is there a reason you couldn’t continue doing this without being bought out by GoDaddy? — “we can keep up our work in supporting small businesses with an awesome team.”

      You’ve done a great job so far without GoDaddy and I’m sorry but no matter how much you praise GoDaddy and its NEW values,this just smells of a financial sellout.

      • Hey Yael,

        Dean here, one of Mad Mimi’s proud founders. I truly appreciate you and your kind words.

        Could we continue offering our support – yes. Is there a financial incentive to sell, yes to that too.

        But there’s also some truly great reasons to join GoDaddy. Gary, myself and every, single person on the Mimi team is staying here and growing Mad Mimi with GoDaddy. We want to be a force for good and we want to reach millions of people. We want to see Mad Mimi be the best email newsletter service in the world.

        GoDaddy is an amazing company with a reputation that they’re working to outgrow. We can make a real, positive impact there too. They’re sincere about helping get small businesses online and growing and there’s no denying we’re perfectly suited to doing that too.

        Yael, I’m open to chatting to you anytime about your concerns and I’m open to learning and improving. Reach out anytime:


        • HI Dean,

          I do appreciate the thoughtful responses from you and other Mad Mimi folks — true to form and character for sure.

          I have loved Mad Mimi from the very beginning; in fact, I’ve loved MadMimi as much as I’ve hated GoDaddy and therein lies the problem! It’s just really hard to digest. It’s almost like Green Peace being bought out by Exxon or something. Really hard to reconcile.

          I agree with others. It’s awesome and admirable that you all created an amazing product and service that a big company like GoDaddy would want to buy. It’s just unfortunate that it was GoDaddy.

          I’ve been in the web design business for 15 years and am part of numerous designer / developer groups. Do you know what happened to Media Temple after they were acquired by GoDaddy? Previously very satisfied customers ran away because of the downhill slide. Media Temple is no longer a recommended hosting solution, at least in the designer / developer circles where I hang out.

          I have refused to even work with clients if their site was hosted on GoDaddy. Every time I’ve conceded — the last time was only a few weeks ago — I regretted it. Always always issues that take my time to sort out that just don’t exist with hosting providers I recommend.

          And then to consider all the other baggage that comes with the GoDaddy name. I and countless others just don’t agree that “GoDaddy is an amazing company.” I do agree though that they have a reputation that they’re working to outgrow.

          I sincerely wish Mad Mimi and team much success and hope your assessment about Go Daddy’s new direction is accurate.

          Thanks for bringing Mad Mimi into the world. Still love her :)


    11. Gosh, I’m so sad to hear this. I’m not a fan of GoDaddy for multiple reasons and I had my domains there for years. I thought Mad Mimi was just about perfect and now I’m rethinking everything, especially whether or not I want to continue to keep my newsletters with Mad Mimi. If you maintain even a fraction of the customer service and personal feel once GoDaddy gets the reins, I’ll be utterly shocked. I couldn’t be more disappointed with this decision. I really dislike the idea that my $$ will go to GoDaddy and I’m sad that Mad Mimi will inevitably change. You were doing so well and word was spreading. Why was this necessary?

      • Hey Bonita, I think you’ll be happy to hear that the entire Mimi support staff is staying on in the same roles, so you’ll see the same folks giving you the same awesome support. As for why you were unhappy with GD before, would you mind emailing me at I’d love to help address your concerns!

    12. Yikes

      Wow, so glad to hear that GoDaddy is changing because I could not stand their exploitation of women. However, they need to change their name and logo too because it still leaves a bad taste.
      “Go daddy…” directly implies a statement from a girl pet.

    13. Shay

      The reason why this is such a disappointment to me is because although GoDaddy seems to be “small business” focused, they have AWFUL service. Its just any other normal day for their servers to crash and knock you offline. I’ve tried using their services on several occasions and (I’m not exaggerating), at least four times a month, my email and website service was down. For small business owners, this is unacceptable.

      So, I really don’t care about the marketing side… to each their own. My issue is that I have experience unreliable services and my fear is that Mad Mimi will suffer from this. I buy only domains from them, nothing else. I don’t trust them and its not because of he say, she say… its from experience. This company has a VERY BAD reputation for unreliable service and unprofessional customer service.

      Nevertheless, I trust your judgement and I’m sure this was not something that you chose to do on a whim. It’s evident that you’re smart – hey, you’ve created what I believe is the best email marketing platform there is. So its not that I don’t trust you. I don’t trust GoDaddy. A rebranding would be an awesome move from them… cause like others, when I hear their name, I cringe.

      • Hey, Shay. I’m sorry you haven’t been satisfied with your GoDaddy experience in the past.

        We NEVER have entered into this deal if we thought Mimi’s reliability or customer service would suffer. GoDaddy is always striving to be better, and so are we!

        I hope you’ll stick around to see that Mad Mimi will only get better. That’s absolutely our intention.

      • GoDaddy’s customer “service” tries to convince the client that it’s their fault, not GoDaddy’s. Wrong.

        They have highly questionable business practices, flawed software, low reliability, and no respect for the customer.

        Leave GoDaddy fast.

    14. andrea

      ick. Noooooo!
      Everyone above has stated how I feel. I am happy for you guys that you were able to found and produce something so great that it was bought by such a big company! Good job (truly). But GoDaddy (barf) is a yicky company. Mad Mimi was cute. It was the less corpratey (I know that’s not a word) competitor to Mailchimp. Now it’s Mailchimp’s slutty sister. I’m not saying Mad Mimi can’t stay a simple and beautiful email marketing powerhouse. I’m just saying YUCK. EW. GROSS. SIGH. Look despondent…. You’re going to have to dress Mad Mimi in some questionable garb now. Maybe change the name to Bad Mimi. And make the neckline on her tshirt risque. Keep the glasses though. That can work nicely when you’re owned by a bottom feeder. Ouch.

      I’ll likely stay.

      • Glad to hear that you’ll probably stay, Andrea. GoDaddy has left the “questionable” ads behind and is really focused on serving small businesses. Mimi is a classy gal, and she’s going to stay classy. You’ll see! :-)

        • andrea

          I find your courteous replies absolutely heart-warming. Good job. Keep doing that please. I’m not going to jump ship. Mostly because you have a solid company. Also because your customer service and support is top-notch world-class A1. I really, really, REALLY hope that continues (on both counts). Thanks for your reply. Made me smile.
          (and if someone from GoDaddy is sitting behind you reading this, I just dropped my smile for a stale, deadpan expression…. verging on squinty eyes). :)

        • Aw, thanks, Andi. :-) We’re so lucky to have awesome customers like you!

        • Keep telling yourself that. Ever heard of guilt by association?

    15. Carlos

      Our company loves Madmimi, really, Mimi’s support team is awesome, ultra-fast, decent and very helpful. However, Godaddy doesn’t know what support is. As we told you on twitter, we were clients from their horrible email marketing service and and their email platform was even worse that their awful lack of support. Hopefully things won’t change. Everytime we have had a commercial relation with Godaddy it has been a nightmare. Don’t let Godaddy spoil Madmimi’s excellent service and support.

      • Thanks for writing, Carlos. We will continue to provide top-notch customer support. In fact, we’re more dedicated than ever! And 100% of our support crew has made this transition, so you’ll be working with the same “Meeps” you’ve come to know and trust.

    16. Robin Brostovski

      Gee so many dont like this. See what a wonderful reputation Go Daddy doesnt have? I can see why people are skeptical about this. I for one felt it was a bad move. Now maybe with Mail Chimp, constant contact or similar might have gone over better. But go Daddy has had very bad business practices in the past. For example, the company where my husband works for had their domain with them. They never got any notices that it was expiring…NONE. This is a global company so their business depended on their site. Well one day the site wasnt there anymore but there was a note that you can buy it…for 10,000.00!!! Scam! They sell sites without any notification. And just horrible customer service and other junk. Its going to be interesting to see if MM keeps its wonderful reputation and service. Ive seen many mergers fail. I probably will rethink coming back now.

      • Hi, Robin. sorry to hear that your husband’s company had a bad experience. I, humble blogger that I am (not a big company), have been a GoDaddy customer since 2009 for my personal projects. Over the years, I’ve purchased and let go of several domain names, and GoDaddy has definitely made me oh-so aware of any upcoming expiration dates (email reminders, even a phone call).

        We fully intend to maintain our super-high standards for service delivery, customer support, good character. 100% of the Mad Mimi team is staying on, including our founders. We won’t disappoint you!

      • Hey Robin, I totally understand why you’re worried here, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. GoDaddy has grown a lot in recent months, and they’re growing in a direction we really love. Your Mimi team isn’t going anywhere, and our awesome support and service won’t be changing. I’d be happy to talk over your concerns if you’d like to email me at!

    17. Nia Shanks

      As a small business owner myself, I’d first like to say “Congrats!”. Creating something amazing and then selling for a premium is a goal of many entrepreneurs, whether they’ll actually admit it or not. So in that regard, I think this is an amazing opportunity for Mad Mimi and no one deserves it more. You’ve built an incredible resource and it’s gaining the attention of many.

      I second the thoughts of many of the people here. The main reasons I LOVE Mad Mimi is because the customer support is phenomenal. I seriously can’t recall a single company I’ve dealt with in over 10 years that even comes close to the incredible crew at Mad Mimi. And I LOVE that Mad Mimi delivers on its promise: simple, beautiful email service. Most companies nowadays, in my experience, always fail to deliver on their promises and when something goes wrong, the customer is the one that always ends up paying the price. Go Daddy has unfortunately been one of those companies.

      I truly wish Mad Mimi all the best and I’m happy for you. This is a HUGE thing and I too would be ecstatic is someone offered to buy my company! That said, I truly hope Go Daddy doesn’t screw up a good thing. There’s a reason so many people love Mad Mimi, and that’s why we’re all so nervous! Other companies we’ve dealt with simply can’t compare and have don’t nothing but make us feel worthless and unappreciated.

      • Aw, thanks, Nia! What a thoughtful and well-written comment.

        THIS is why we’re going to keep working our tails off to ensure that Mad Mimi continues to deliver. Thank you so much for your support!

    18. Candace

      I am really uneasy about staying now that you are with GoDaddy. Like many others, I have had terrible experiences with GoDaddy. Mostly customer service issues as well as it seems they redesign their interface constantly. I have to find my way around every time I log in for a client. It truly drives me crazy. So here’s my question. In your FAQ you said:

      “You’ll still see the same Mimi you love and are used to. You’ll still see the same Mimi platform you’re used to, and we’ll continue to listen to your feedback and grow in new ways. GoDaddy appreciates the delightfulness of Mad Mimi, and we appreciate how many more small businesses we’ll be able to help through merging with GoDaddy. We’re absolutely committed to providing the same awesome experience, same great support, for years to come.”

      But then later on you said:
      “For now, yes. Eventually, though, we’ll be fully integrated as a part of GoDaddy and will be under their name.”

      So when you become fully integrated as part of GoDaddy, will your services be found as part of the GoDaddy website?

      Unfortunately this is a deal breaker for me. I just moved 2 accounts over here. One from Aweber, and one from MailChimp. I can’t see myself staying if I have to interact with GoDaddy and their interface.

      • Hey Candace,

        Dean here, one of Mad Mimi’s original owners. Thanks a ton for asking about changes. I’m gonna address your concerns here but you may also want to watch this hangout:

        In that video, I ask Gary from Mimi and Steven from GoDaddy, about the changes and they’re up front about the timeline of any changes etc.

        So, for at least the next year and probably ongoing our services will be found right where you currently find them – here with us at Mad Mimi. We’ll be working on a separate integration within GoDaddy. Thereafter, well, I don’t think you’ll need to navigate GoDaddy’s current UI even way down the line though I do want to mention that any changes are going to be led by the same folks who work on Mimi now.

        Mimi’s going to stay Mimi while we also work on becoming available to GoDaddy’s customers and better integrated with their tools!


    19. Now i am planning to switch from you , what happen when Oracle acquire mysql, they are killing it slowly, hostgator is acquired by EIG, and I heard that EIG migrate client from superior server from US to cheap server , somewhere in Europe,,and many customer started to migrate from hostgator. so i think this type of deal can kill a great product.

      I guess after one or two year, your parent company (Godaddy now) terminate fee plan and force small customer like us to switch to paid plan, and there is famous(or infamous) Godaddy’s hidden terms and conditions, hidden prices and impose ads.

      Your’s a great product, but its sad that you are going with Godaddy.

      • Hi, Amit. Thanks for your comment. I think we can all think of mergers and acquisitions that didn’t lead to great results. But Mad Mimi’s original owners worked very hard to build Mimi into what it is today, and they are sticking around to help lead us into the future. Our dedicated Mad Mimi crew, along with some brilliant people at GoDaddy, will be working together to make Mad Mimi better and better. We plan to be an acquisition success story, and we hope you’ll stick around to watch it unfold. :-)

    20. I have to say I am in two minds about this. On the one hand I was shocked to read the headline, because I feel the two companies’ cultures cannot be further apart.

      On the other, I am happy for the founders who, I hope, are now financially safe for life.

      I have no problem with GoDaddy. I’ve personally been using their services for many years without any problems. I’ve never experienced support issues that others have mentioned. Since web design is part of my service offering I’ve signed up as a reseller, and my clients have never complained about anything relating to the service. If anything, I had some issues with client sites hosted by MediaTemple before they were acquired by GoDaddy.

      I am concerned with how this acquisition of MadMimi will impact the culture here.

      My second concern is with MadMimi’s affiliate program. Since I’ve been recommending Mimi left and right, I have built a sizable monthly “paycheque” from Mimi, I hope GoDaddy keep their hands off of this part of Mimi’s operations (although I must say I am not holding my breath on this).

      • Hey Boris,

        Thanks so much for the lovely words and well wishes. I do know GoDaddy has a huge amount of respect and love for Web Pros (I’d say you’re a web pro for sure) and I’ll find out more for you about this, ASAP.

        I do think that we can impact GoDaddy’s culture positively and they’re very receptive to that. They’re looking to change people’s perception of them and they’re sincere in wanting to do their absolute best for small businesses and pros like you.

        I’ll shoot you an email Boris, once I’ve heard about the affiliate program.


    21. Patrick

      As an unabashed capitalist, I send my congratulations to all mimi-ites that profited financially. Don’t count me among those who demonize wealth these days – you worked hard, so enjoy the fruits of your labor.

      I’m not one to get caught up in the politics of a company. I do stuff that would irk many (like catching and gutting a 650lb tuna), and I’m sure you do stuff that irks me (like driving a Prius), so my commentary is devoid of any pet peeves why I will or will not continue to use Mad Mimi.

      What I do care about is that things I pay for work, are consistent, and with reliable technical support when needed. I like value for my money. So far, the full year I have used Mad Mimi has been exactly that.

      What I fear, and this said from being a disillusioned former software weenie, is that Mad Mimi will change. It won’t change today, next week, next month, or maybe even next year, but it will change. It always changes. It must change. It’s the nature of corporate evolution as big companies eat little companies.

      I’ve seen far too many good companies go extinct over the past thirty years, when I first entered the computer field: company A buys company B then merges with company C while staff is reduced when projects are canceled after profits fall as investors flee then assets are sold to form Company X, which is really nothing but the X that marks the spot where the charred corporate corpse is dead and buried.

      So far, the novelty of the acquisition has everyone saying the right words. Until those words have withstood the test of time (and profit/loss margins on spreadsheets), that’s all they are right now, words.

      Time will tell whether we users will recognize the Mad Mimi of August 2014. I wish you all the very best of luck maintaining your culture and identity pre-acquisition.

      Were I betting man, my money is that it will change, and probably not for the better.
      My mind’s jukebox right now is playing a song that kinda sorta goes like this : “Bye, bye Miss Mad Mimi, I drove my Plymouth to the levee, but the levee has Wang’d.”

      • Wow, I don’t know whether to break out the champagne or cry at my desk over this one. :-)

        Perhaps our promises are just words to you. But they’re more than words to us. We are energized, inspired, and frankly, hell-bent on making Mad Mimi better than ever.

        Time will, indeed, tell. And all of us at Mad Mimi are going to be working hard to ensure that however Mimi changes, the product and support will only become more awesome.

      • Nia Shanks

        I completely agree with Patrick’s thoughts, and he has won the best comment of this entire thread. [internet high five!]

      • Patrick,

        Dean here, one of Mad Mimi owners. Well, I guess I’m not an owner any more but I’m still very motivated and committed to proving you wrong :)

        I don’t really want to avoid change but I want you to say, in a year from now: “Wow, Mad Mimi is better than ever!”

        I hope I succeed. I’m gonna try! My entire team is sticking around too so I’m hopeful.

        Cheers and thanks for this super cool comment!


    22. Congrats! Well deserved! Excited to see MadMimi with the power of GoDaddy’s massive SMB customer base.

    23. Jay

      I think it is a dirty practice however to be blocking competitors now. Ever since the acquisition GoDaddy now blocks constant contact emails. So basically GoDaddy is trying to force people to use their new product. Very, very sketchy business model on GoDaddys part…

      • Hey, Jay! I don’t think GoDaddy is blocking competitors emails but if you’d like, we can find out more. Would you mind if we connected you to someone at GoDaddy who can look into this?

    24. Was going to try you guys out since I had heard good things… then I saw this. Too bad.

      I can’t do business with a company that’s contracted a NoDaddy STD.

      • Sorry to hear that, Adam. You heard good things because we’re doing good things. And that’s not going to change!

    25. I’m going to go ahead and request something for the “Add Things” tab:

      GoDaddy Ads, Pop-up Messages, and Any Other GoDaddy Items That Have Nothing to Do With Creating an Email Campaign [ON or OFF]

      (Please make this default to “OFF”)

    26. Go Daddy’s EEM has been flawed and unreliable for years. Outside IPs, most notably Comcast, Yahoo, AOL, and Gmail, regularly block anything coming from GoDaddy Email Marketing clients. They refuse to address this issue.

      Now Mad Mimi clients will suffer the same problems. Bail out of both before they destroy your online reputation and presence.

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