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  • When and Why to Use Plain-Text Email Newsletters

    These days, plain-text emails may seem like an afterthought, a relic from days gone by. But they’re not: If you get what plain-text (non-HTML) email is all about, you can deploy it strategically, like a stealth weapon. Simplicity, minimalism, and a personal touch: Plain-text emails have it all. When and why to use plain-text emails There […]

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  • Get a New Look: Email Newsletter Makeovers

    Who doesn’t love a good makeover? For an upcoming blog post, we’re looking for three Mad Mimi customers in need of an email newsletter makeover. A team of Mad Mimi experts will spruce up your email newsletter from head to toe — everything from the design to the copy. Afterward, we’ll share “before” and “after” images […]

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  • The Bottom Line on Subject Lines

    I recently analyzed 60,000 subject lines to answer questions like, “Is shorter is better?” You know — just for fun. I learned some interesting things that might challenge your assumptions about subject lines. First, subject length could matter, or, it could not — but mostly, not. You may see research to the contrary, as in this recent Buffer article. But […]

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