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  • Work + Play (and 4 Ways to Avoid Burnout)

    I recently attended an illustration conference. I’m not really an illustrator (I’d say I’m illustrator-adjacent …. I’m a painter and a surface pattern designer, but I don’t do any advertising or editorial work), so I felt a little guilty taking four days out of my busy schedule to do something that wasn’t totally necessary for my […]

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  • Google Authorship for Blogs and Bloggers

    What the heck is Google authorship, and why should you care? Essentially, Google authorship is when Google displays author information in its search results. So, when someone enters a keyword into Google, not only does Google return relevant articles, but it also displays the authors’ bylines alongside the the articles. But this only happens if the publishing […]

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  • 5 Organizational Tools for Small Business Owners

    Entrepreneurs are always on the move. In fact, perpetual motion seems like a pre-requisite for success in modern startup culture. If youʼre not innovating, youʼre stagnating. Thatʼs why savvy small business owners know that building a business requires more than a great idea. It requires actionable goals and persistent execution. Thatʼs why time-saving tools are […]

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